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Hi there! The name is Fee! My obsessions are werewolves, mermaid and books (I’m both trash for YA and really dark books 😈)

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tiddywife asked:


Two of my Ocs

Chiyo giving Nightmare a Christmas gift >7</

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Whaddup I threw together another ask meme game! This one is


👫and their best friend

👩‍❤️‍👩and their significant other

👙at the beach

🧣ready for winter

🍁in a seasonal setting


🛌in the setting of a weird dream

☔️caught in the rain

🍳attempting cooking

🥂on a date

⚽️playing a sport

🎇watching fireworks

👨‍👨‍👧if they had a kid with another OC (doesn’t have to be canon!)

🧬as another species

👶when they were a kid

🎩in their best clothes

🎁reaction to getting a gift

💌giving (or receiving) a love letter

🗝and a secret they keep


💎and their most valued possession

📸in the worst photo that’s ever been taken of them

🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain

🏝on a deserted island (bonus: with the person they hate most)

👀sharing some hot gossip

✈️and their reaction to flying

🚎squished into an overcrowded bus/train/tram

🎲taking a chance at something they usually put off

🎧singing or listening to their favourite song

🔥furious at something

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one)

👑as royalty

🧞‍♂️and the 3 things they’d wish for

🧙‍♂️as their own DND character (if they don’t have one, as whatever character they would most likely make first time playing DND)

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Self care is listening to Sarah Jessica Parker sing "Come Little Children" from the Hocus Pocus soundtrack on repeat regardless of the time of year and imagining yourself as some fancy colonial witch whose only worries are eating children before sunrise and looking fabulous for all eternity.  

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the older i get the more i realise that everyone should have love in their lives but wanting a relationship doesn't make you entitled to have one regardless of whether it will be healthy or not just bc you want it. having love to give and wanting to give it doesn't mean you are in a space to give it healthily. and finding someone you could love who could love you back doesn't make it appropriate or fair to pursue or enter into a relationship with them if you aren't generally secure in yourself and don't believe yourself worthy of love, and therefore won't give and receive with them the love they deserve with a fair and sustainable dynamic, even if they are willing to accept otherwise.

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Snow Princess Miku (Snow Miku 2019)

My first "finished" artwork in months! (but there's more in the pipeline)

I feel like it's still just a teeny bit early (for me at least) for wintery art, but I had started this back in August and just finished it, so I'm going to post it! ❄️

I saw an image of the figma figure for this Snow Miku at a booth at Anime Expo this past summer, and I loved the design! At one point I might want to draw one or two of the other Snow Miku designs from past years...

I almost left the background plain white but since I want to push myself to include some sort of background in more images I make, I just quickly made that scene...and for now it'll stay...

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i had a bit of fun with the leaf assets on csp

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I had the delightful opportunity to draw another piece for sharkbaitin on Tumblr of her changeling monk Sai!

And some details

Don't ask how much time I spent rendering silk LOL

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when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

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The Beast

I've been drawing to relieve stress X"D

FeeX213 is my Instagram

I am ace 🖤💟💜

Aye.... Aye! Yeah, you!

Be happy about yourself!

Be happy that you have love around you!

Be happy that you gotten through today!

Tomorrow is another day to go through, but be positive!

There are new books I want to get yet I want reread the books to go back into FRIIIICK--

It's snowin and I love it

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My tablet is coming in a day early!!!!!!! It's so close! 

witchesflower -

It's here!!!!!!

witchesflower -

Initial test and even a quick sketch under the cut!!

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Ur sketch is so cute!!😃

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My tablet is coming in a day early!!!!!!! It's so close! 

witchesflower -

It's here!!!!!!

I cannot believe is December already

idk what it is with Christmas, I fuckinh love the vibes around this month

Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 and coming out with a spin-off with neko boi I am excited

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i stuffed oghghg

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hello goodevening!

my precious bean Xie Lian