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Hello beautiful people! I am Fee!


My obsessions are art, werewolves, mermaid and books!! :D

About this nerd


Hello you beautiful people!!

I am Felicia, :) but you may call me Fee or Fee Fee or whateva.

I’m an artist that draws digitally on my tablet and does traditional art!

I’m on Intsagram by the name of “FeeX213” or DeviantArt known as “FeeX123” if you all want to check out my art!

I have big love for books! Fantasy, also really dark book/s and I also enjoy contemporary as well (mostly dark fantasy). Such as Shadowhunter chronicles, A Court and Thorns, Broken Empire, Ancestors Trilogy, Dark Hunter saga, and (Contempoary) Deadly Virtues

I watch lil tv nowadays but I am in love with The Untamed (Chinese drama), TEEN WOLF, Stranger Things, Castlevania and Supernatural (sadly is ending soon D’:)

I also love anything with werewolves tv shows, books and movies 💕🐺💕

You can ask or chat with me about fandoms and such! I love to talk to people! :D But I also can be shy until I get more comfortable

Please no any kind of hate or drama. This supposed to be a safe zone for everyone. Rather be friendly than be rude